We are proud to be one of Lisbon’s oldest establishments. Though our history officially began on 8 January 1927 under the name of Vacaria Andrade, we had already been an important part of the city for some years before that.

Within these walls, people shared the space with cows and goats, proudly working together to supply high-quality milk, butter and cheese to churches, palaces and local residents. Thanks to this hard work and dedication, the people of the city received their milk each day – delivered by the milkman in jugs with the help of working animals. There was grazing land for the animals close by, which gives an idea of what this area of the city looked like in those days.

What remains from that time are the tile panels portraying scenes from the period, as well as the principles on which this café was founded: quality, pride and dedication.

Above all, we will do everything to make you feel at home here.
Thank you for your visit.

Anunciada Portuguese old elevator